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Join our Board of Directors!

Interested in elevating your voice and the voices of early childhood educators? Want to be a part of the movement to advance equity, racial and social justice in early childhood?

Consider applying to serve on the AzAEYC Governing Board!

AzAEYC Board Members drive our organization’s mission and vision in the community, contribute insight and expertise, and work to create a better Arizona for children, families, and teachers.

Serving on the AzAEYC Governing Board is an extraordinary opportunity for members who are passionate about AzAEYC’s vision and mission, deeply committed to its values and beliefs, and skilled (or up-and-coming) leaders.

What does an AzAEYC board member do?

+ Attends 4 quarterly meetings per year. 

+ Contributes around 20 hours of volunteer service per year (including attending in-person and virtual AzAEYC meetings and events, email correspondence, and networking in the community)

+ Shares their expertise to ensure all of Arizona’s children, families, and early childhood professionals thrive.

+ Maintains financial accountability for the organization and act as trustees of the organization’s financials. Exercise due diligence to oversee that the organization is well-managed and its financial situation remains sound.

+ Considers AzAEYC a philanthropic priority and makes annual gifts that reflect that priority. AzAEYC seeks to have 100% of Board Members make an annual contribution in the form of a donation of money or in-kind support; the amount is determined by each individual.

What will you need to apply?

To apply, please provide individual contact information, optional demographic information, and confirm your willingness and ability to meet the expectations for serving on the board. We’ll ask you to attach a resume (in Word, PDF, or image format) and a personal statement which will be used in the ballot if you are selected for the slate. It may be helpful to prepare your responses to these questions before you begin the application.

1. Imagine someone from outside of the field asks you why early care and education is important. How would you respond?

2. How do you – or how will you – help advance equity, racial and social justice in early childhood education?  

3. All board members have strengths and skills that they contribute to the board and to the organization. What skills and strengths will you bring to your board service?

4. (Optional) Is there any other information you’d like us to know about your interest in serving on the AzAEYC Governing Board?

What board positions are available?

Four AzAEYC Governing Board positions are open for 2021. Below are brief descriptions of each of these openings. Find complete descriptions of all board positions here.

Vice President of Policy and Advocacy

Monitors all legislative and administrative policies that affect young children, their families, and early childhood educators. Promotes AzAEYC policy positions. Oversees AzAEYC community events.

Vice President of Membership

Oversees the on-going activities of the Membership Committee, facilitates communication between local affiliates, and assists with their development and management. Serves as liaison between Arizona AEYC and the community, and promotes membership.


Maintains official records of AzAEYC. Prepares and provides written minutes of Board and Executive Committee meetings to its members in a timely manner.

Member at Large: Student

Actively participates in a committee of choice. Volunteers for various board projects, training events and assignments as needed and participates in fundraising activities.

Timeline for 2021 Board Nominations

– Applications are due Friday 11/13/2020.
– The Nominations Committee will conduct virtual/phone interviews by 11/25/2020
– The slate of candidates will be sent to AzAEYC members to vote the first week of December.
– Voting closes 12/15/2020.
– Candidates and members are informed of the results by the end of December.
– Board service begins 1/1/2021.

Thank you for considering AzAEYC Board service!

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