What We Do

The Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children is YOUR professional organization in Arizona!

What we do…

  • Connect members with continuing education options, scholarships and professional development and networking opportunities statewide.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for the members of our organization.
  • Participate in early childhood advocacy efforts in Arizona as a productive collaborator and partner — pursuing opportunities for innovative projects that fit the mission and forward-moving direction of AzAEYC.
  • Promote high professional standards, fair compensation and working conditions within our field.
  • Advocate for the early childhood profession and high quality early education for all young children.
  • Enlist the assistance of experts to be a high-performing, inclusive nonprofit organization.
  • Seek and implement grants and projects that serve all of our members.
  • Promote and support NAEYC’s Accreditation of Early Childhood Higher Education Programs.
  • Recognize and celebrate excellence in our profession.