AZToolkit is powered by CCA for Social Good, a nonprofit division of CCA Global. CCA for Social Good helps nonprofit and child care organizations realize benefits of scale by unlocking resources than can be invested in advancing their missions.


Take a look at how much one medium sized center can save!

How much does it cost? 

Choose a monthly or yearly subscription and pay with a credit card. Cancel at any time.

What can I expect to save?  

Savings range from 10-40% on key items and services child care providers use every single day. 

What about resources to use for school events and parent reports?

Need a template to announce an art show,  a special mother’s or father’s day celebration or back-to-school night? 

Any materials that will help engage families?

Early childhood programs are most effective when their systems and services support the cultural diversity of enrolled families.

Hiring new employees is always a challenge. What HR tools can I expect?

AZToolkit Job Bank comes with every AZToolkit subscription! This is an all-in-one tool for both job seekers and for employers looking to hire talented ECE staff. With AZToolkit Job Bank, you can…

As a director, there are so many forms to fill out. What’s available? 

From classroom daily report forms, health policy reminders, and other family notices…sometimes you need a new form you did not know about…or never thought you would need! 

Will I find tools to help with professional development and training? 

Quickly put your hands on training resources for new staff members in a variety of areas such as hand washing, basic developmental milestones and more. 

How can AZToolkit help our program keep up with licensing requirements and regulations? 

Plenty of quick-links to essential knowledge are available and always up to date in one central location.

How can I access a printable PDF that describes how AZToolkit connects with the Child Care Development and Block Grant (CCDBG) and the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five Grant (PDG B-5)?